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Welcome to my Vintage Paper Shop.

Here you can find a comprehensive selection of old newspapers and magazines for sale, or on auction to the highest bidder on

Whether you are looking for back issues of your favorite magazine, want to travel on a nostalgic trip to the past or you want to look for new ideas for crafts and designs there will be a magazine for you.

You could be looking for reference for a book or college project, or want to learn more about a specific event in history. Reading vintage newspapers and news magazines will reveal how people saw these events at the time.

Vintage magazines and newspapers also make unique gifts for your family and friends. Look for an old magazine for their favorite interest or hobby. Or find a newspaper for the day, month or year they were born.

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There are magazines for every interest and hobby. Whether you enjoy looking for old 1960s needlework projects, want to see American fashion in the 1950s, want to see how your Baseball team was in the league in 1952, or love to collect pictures and articles about Marilyn Munro, they'll be a vintage magazine just for you.


The selection changes daily and with thousands of back issue magazines and vintage newspapers to look through, we're sure that you'll find something to interest you.

The banner below show three of the thousands of live auctions today on Ebay. Click on one of the magazines showing below or type your favorite magazine in the search box


If you're looking for even more vintage magazines on then visit our UK store by clicking the banner

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